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Roll Deep Crew are a crew of DJ's and MC's from east London. Members of the Crew include MC Wiley and MC Dizzee Rascal. Other Members are: Danny Weed, Bionix, jet li, bubbles, breeze, jamakabi, Pitbull and the crew is closley 

You can't neva say i neva roll deep wen im ere. Eski boy is the reason why Shy crew leave on deep remix roll deep lyrics wen im ere. Get sticked with wits with the I might roll off with danny weed wen im ere. Roll deep is gonna see me or  18 May 2010 Name Roll Deep Occupation Grime stars turned chart toppers More info please East London grime collective whose Brazen, J2K, Killa P, Little Dee and Flow Dan alongside DJs Danny Weed, Karnage, Maximum and Target. Good Girl by Roll Deep feat. J2k - discover this song's Good Girl - Roll Deep feat. J2k. Buy this Track. Good Girl. by. Roll Deep feat. J2k · In at the Deeo End. Relentless 2005. Producers: Danny Weed, Wiley. Main genre: Hip-Hop / Rap / R&B. Mixes featuring Roll Deep Wiley Showcase 1Xtra · DJ Karnage B2B Danny Weed · Wiley/Crazy Titch/Riko Dan/more · Fire Camp/Boyz In Da Hood/Roll Deep/more · BBC Radio 1Xtra, 16/7/2004, 129:10, 463, Anonymous, 10/4/2016. Danny Weed and Manga. This urban clubby production features guest vocals from Manchurian singer Jodie Connor. She told Digital Spy about her hook up with Roll Deep: "I wrote the track with a producer I work with and at the time he was in  14 Mar 2016 In the same vein as Roll Deep and More Fire Crew, Ruff Sqwad was a tight-knit grime crew of close friends founded by The inventiveness of Danny Weed on tracks such as “When I'm Ere” is a prime example of the scene's 

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Arseno ver2.1.4 - ホームに戻る ★ 必 読 最近の投稿一覧 新しい単語を登録 リロード # あ か さ た な は ま や ら わ 今日のハマティ 琵琶湖を中心としたディープクランクブームで、マッドペッパーが売れ、新製品のディープクランクが発売されるなど、ここ数年の空白は何だったの?と思うほどディープクランクの分野が賑やかになって …

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when I might roll up with danny weed when im ere roll deeps gonna see more of me when im ere (CHORUS) Best in the game it was bate we was gonna be here (eee eee eee eee eee) roll deep is the name and were up for awards all year